Refining Rhetoric with Robert Bortins

Join Robert Bortins, CEO of Classical ConversationsĀ®, as he interviews thought leaders about critical topics related to faith, education, business, and culture. Using the fifteen classical tools of learning to guide his conversations, RobertĀ encourages listeners to seek truth in every arena of life.

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Episode 92: Fostering Confidence and Resilience with Stoa


Discover how Stoa empowers students through classical education principles, fostering confidence and resilience. Join Robert Bortins in this episode of ā€œRefining Rhetoricā€ as he explores the world of speech and debate with guests Angela Childress and Beth Nieva from Stoa, a national Christian homeschool speech and debate league. Learn about starting a club, participating in tournaments, and integrating speech and debate with classical education.

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