Refining Rhetoric with Robert Bortins

Join Robert Bortins, CEO of Classical ConversationsĀ®, as he interviews thought leaders about critical topics related to faith, education, business, and culture. Using the fifteen classical tools of learning to guide his conversations, RobertĀ encourages listeners to seek truth in every arena of life.

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Episode 105: Turning Texas Blue


Will a stock exchange in Texas turn the state blue? Robert and Chris discuss BlackRock and Citadel Securities backing a new Texas Stock Exchange as an alternative to New Yorkā€™s regulations. Plus, we revisit the GameStop saga and its market impact. Will closes the episode with a Classical Crypto segment.

Pride and Prejudice is a beloved classic novel. The footnotes include word definitions, pronunciations, and historical context to support life-long learning, enabling students to deepen their reading and thinking skills. Wide margins encourage note taking and having ā€œconversationsā€ with the book and its author.

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