Refining Rhetoric with Robert Bortins

Join Robert Bortins, CEO of Classical ConversationsĀ®, as he interviews thought leaders about critical topics related to faith, education, business, and culture. Using the fifteen classical tools of learning to guide his conversations, RobertĀ encourages listeners to seek truth in every arena of life.

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Episode 97: But What About Socialization?


Are homeschoolers properly socialized? In this episode of Refining Rhetoric, host Robert Bortins examines the latest homeschooling news, including Michiganā€™s proposed registry and Alaskaā€™s ruling on school choice dollars. Chris and Robert also discuss Waco hosting their largest homeschool prom ever, and whether homeschool kids are as anti-social as some make them out to be. A must-listen for insights on education, faith, and freedom.


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J. K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, with text "Unlikely Allies"

Episode 93: Unlikely Allies

Robert and Chris discuss the prominent atheistā€™s surprising identification as a ā€œcultural Christianā€ and author J. K. Rowlingā€™s clash with the ā€œwokeā€ left over Scottish hate laws.

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