Episode 6: The Homeschool Revolution with Yvette Hampton

Robert asks Yvette about her motivation for creatingĀ Schoolhouse RockedĀ and what lessons she learned along the way.


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Yvette Hampton is the producer and host of the 2021 documentary Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution. During production, Yvette and her family traveled around the country to speak with education experts and homeschool families about their thoughts on the increasing interest in homeschooling in the United States. In this conversation, Robert asks Yvette about her motivation for creating Schoolhouse Rocked and what lessons she learned along the way.

“For the first time I think ever in our nation, parents are finally waking up. They’re starting to see firsthand what’s going on in the public school system… Parents are finally starting to ask the question, ‘Wait a minute. Who’s teaching my kids and what exactly are they being taught?'”

Yvette Hampton


  • Intro to Yvette and Schoolhouse Rocked [0:44]
  • What the Schoolhouse Rocked documentary is all about [1:03]
  • Yvette and her husband’s decision to create this documentary [3:10]
  • What it’s like homeschooling on the road in an RV [6:07]
  • Ideas shared among leaders in the home education movement [9:17]
  • The most unexpected thing that happened during the making of Schoolhouse Rocked [12:14]
  • The changing American attitude toward homeschooling [16:14]
  • Yvette’s advice to parents feeling unqualified to homeschool [20:39]
  • Why non-homeschoolers should watch Schoolhouse Rocked [24:07]
  • Where to learn more about Schoolhouse Rocked [27:57]
  • Farewell to Yvette [29:29]
  • Classical Tools Recap [29:38]
  • Current Events Discussion: What is energy? [30:56]
  • Ad: Museum of the Bible [33:53]
  • Classical Crypto: The history of Ethereum [34:42]
  • Outro [39:11]



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