Episode 7: Words of Wisdom from a Homeschool Dad with Mike Donnelly

Robert and Mike Donnelly discuss HSLDA, the global homeschool movement, and advice for homeschool dads.


Mike Donnelly


Mike Donnelly is HSLDA’s Director of Global Outreach and Senior Counsel to members in seven states. He is also an adjunct professor at Patrick Henry College, teaching constitutional law, and a published author and notable speaker, defending homeschooling and educational choice. In this episode, Robert and Mike discuss the mission, origins, and future of HSLDA, what’s changing in the homeschool movement around the world, and how to stay involved in your child’s education as a homeschool father.


“If homeschooling is good for kids, which it is, it’s good for families. And if it creates strong families, which it does, that creates strong communities. And strong communities create strong cultures, strong countries. So, it’s a very logical thing.”

Mike Donnelly


  • Intro to Mike Donnelly [0:47]
  • Mike’s and his wife’s backgrounds with homeschooling and moving into an old schoolhouse [1:35]
  • Mike’s family [4:57]
  • What Mike’s global outreach role at HSLDA entails [5:36]
  • Fighting for the freedom to homeschool; freedom is not the norm [6:50]
  • What is changing globally in the homeschool movement as a result of COVID-19 [10:28]
  • The mission of the Global Home Education Exchange [14:15]
  • Positive stories of change internationally and why some countries are suspicious of homeschooling [17:33]
  • Homeschooling is the most sustainable form of education [19:51]
  • Mike’s advice for homeschool fathers: “The good can be the enemy of the great.” [21:28]
  • How people can support the homeschooling movement internationally [24:35]
  • Farewell to Mike [28:34]
  • Classical Tools Recap [29:27]
  • Ad: ActorsBible [31:22]
  • Current Events Discussion: Energy consumption [32:14]
  • Classical Crypto: NFTs [34:53]
  • Outro [38:41]




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