Episode 9: Critical Race Theory vs. Christian Unity with Dr. Carol Swain

Robert and Dr. Swain delve into a controversial subject in modern Western culture: critical race theory.


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Dr. Carol Swain is a distinguished political scientist, a former tenured professor at both Princeton University and Vanderbilt University, and late Vice Chair of President Donald Trumpā€™s 1776 Commission. Dr. Swain is the author of several books, including the bestseller Black Eye for America: How Critical Race Theory Is Burning Down the House. In this episode, Robert and Dr. Swain delve into a controversial subject in modern Western culture: critical race theory. Together, they explore how Christians ought to respond.  


“We’re not treating people as individuals in God’s image. People who can engage in a conversation as equals, can disagree with each other, can be persuaded by data and science and what you see with your eyes ā€” all of that is being dismissed in favor of an indoctrinated view that is dangerous and false. It’s a lie. Critical race theory is a very racist worldview… [that should] never be influenced in our society as it is today at every level.”

Dr. Carol Swain


  • Intro to Dr. Carol Swain [0:54]
  • Dr. Swain’s early life and background [2:17]
  • What the book Countercultural Living is about [3:18]
  • What are critical theories in general? [7:30]
  • How critical race theory (CRT) is different than the idea of putting yourself in another’s shoes [11:15]
  • How Dr. Swain’s organization Unity Training Solutions approaches DEI training [14:16]
  • Is critical race theory new? [17:58]
  • How is CRT affecting education? [19:11]
  • How forgiveness fits into CRT [22:15]
  • Advice for Christians on how to approach CRT [24:22]
  • Advice for homeschool parents on how to talk to kids about race issues [27:44]
  • Farewell to Dr. Swain [29:30]
  • Ad: The Odyssey Program [29:55]
  • Classical Tools Recap [30:43]
  • Current Events Discussion: What is an energy grid? [32:09]
  • Classical Crypto: Applications of NFTs [36:38]
  • Outro [40:53]



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