Episode 9: Critical Race Theory vs. Christian Unity with Dr. Carol Swain

Robert and Dr. Swain delve into a controversial subject in modern Western culture: critical race theory.


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Dr. Carol Swain is a distinguished political scientist, a former tenured professor at both Princeton University and Vanderbilt University, and late Vice Chair of President Donald Trump’s 1776 Commission. Dr. Swain is the author of several books, including the bestseller Black Eye for America: How Critical Race Theory Is Burning Down the House. In this episode, Robert and Dr. Swain delve into a controversial subject in modern Western culture: critical race theory. Together, they explore how Christians ought to respond.  


“We’re not treating people as individuals in God’s image. People who can engage in a conversation as equals, can disagree with each other, can be persuaded by data and science and what you see with your eyes — all of that is being dismissed in favor of an indoctrinated view that is dangerous and false. It’s a lie. Critical race theory is a very racist worldview… [that should] never be influenced in our society as it is today at every level.”

Dr. Carol Swain


  • Intro to Dr. Carol Swain [0:54]
  • Dr. Swain’s early life and background [2:17]
  • What the book Countercultural Living is about [3:18]
  • What are critical theories in general? [7:30]
  • How critical race theory (CRT) is different than the idea of putting yourself in another’s shoes [11:15]
  • How Dr. Swain’s organization Unity Training Solutions approaches DEI training [14:16]
  • Is critical race theory new? [17:58]
  • How is CRT affecting education? [19:11]
  • How forgiveness fits into CRT [22:15]
  • Advice for Christians on how to approach CRT [24:22]
  • Advice for homeschool parents on how to talk to kids about race issues [27:44]
  • Farewell to Dr. Swain [29:30]
  • Ad: The Odyssey Program [29:55]
  • Classical Tools Recap [30:43]
  • Current Events Discussion: What is an energy grid? [32:09]
  • Classical Crypto: Applications of NFTs [36:38]
  • Outro [40:53]



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