Episode 11: Andrew Pudewa’s Weight Loss Secrets and More

Robert interviews Andrew about his work at IEW, literacy in the United States, and how to write with excellence.


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Episode 11: Andrew Pudewa


Andrew Pudewa is the founder of the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) and is a longtime partner and friend of Classical ConversationsĀ®. Speaking around the world, Andrew is known for presenting the skills of writing, teaching, and thinking with clarity and wit. Through IEW seminars and curriculum, he has helped students of all ages become better communicators and critical thinkers. Andrew graduated from the Talent Education Research Institute (known for the Suzuki method) in Matsumoto, Japan, and holds a Certificate of Child Brain Development from the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In this episode of Refining Rhetoric, Robert interviews Andrew about his work at IEW, literacy in the United States, and how to write with excellence.  


“My goal now is to die young at an old age.”

Andrew Pudewa


  • Intro to Andrew Pudewa [0:55]
  • Andrew’s background, family, and work at IEW [1:13]
  • How Andrew decided to teach writing using the Suzuki method [3:20]
  • The effects of America’s poor writing problem [7:21]
  • Andrew’s advice for people struggling to learn to write [11:26]
  • Andrew’s most memorable stories of parents using IEW to teach their children [13:12]
  • The importance of providing good examples of writing for students to imitate [17:28]
  • How Andrew collects jokes and why humor is important to add to teaching [22:55]
  • Andrew’s weight loss secrets [25:35]
  • Farewell to Andrew [30:20]
  • Classical Tools Recap [31:20]
  • Current Events Discussion: Christians and voting [32:27]
  • Ad: Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution [34:44]
  • Classical Crypto: Crypto exchanges [35:24]
  • Outro [40:18]



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