Episode 13: How to Balance Working Full-Time and Homeschooling with Randan Steinhauser

Robert interviews Randan about her career, homeschooling, and school choice.


Episode 13: Randan Steinhauser


Randan Steinhauser is a homeschool mom and the founding partner of Steinhauser Strategies, which specializes in creating public relations campaigns, influencing public policy debates, and building innovative digital movements. Randan is an expert in her field, having worked in more than thirty states on issue advocacy, political campaigns, client media relations, coalition development, strategic communications, and government affairs. She homeschools her four children with Classical ConversationsĀ®, participating in a local community in Austin, Texas. In this episode ofĀ Refining Rhetoric, Robert interviews Randan about her career, homeschooling, and school choice.


ā€œWhen it comes to [childrenā€™s] education, the most important thing in their life is the formation of not just their brain, but, I would argue, also their soul.ā€

Randan Steinhauser


  • Intro to Randan Steinhauser [0:58]
  • Growing up and going to college in South Carolina [1:45]
  • Starting Steinhauser Strategies and the pros and cons of being self-employed [4:00]
  • Why Randan began homeschooling [8:35]
  • Homeschooling is different for every family [12:30]Ā 
  • Balancing working a full-time job and homeschooling [15:46]
  • Why school choice is important [18:49]Ā 
  • Opposition to parental rights to choose their childrenā€™s education [21:34]
  • What made homeschooling the right choice for the Steinhauser family [25:35]
  • Joining Classical Conversations [28:33]
  • How homeschoolers can make a difference in protecting homeschool freedoms [30:18]
  • Farewell to Randan [32:13]
  • “Classical Tools Recap” [32:56]
  • “Current Events Discussion”: Food shortages [34:35]
  • Ad:Ā American Heritage Girls [38:30]
  • “Classical Crypto”: Yield-farming (crypto staking) [39:35]
  • Outro [45:12]