Episode 15: Educational Choice vs. School Choice with E. Ray Moore


Episode 15: E. Ray Moore


E. Ray Moore is the founder and director of the Exodus Mandate Project, chairman of the Christian Education Initiative, chairman of the movement Public School Exit, and president of the board at Frontline Ministries. In addition to serving in pastoral ministry for over forty years, Ray is a proactive advocate for school choice, the author of two books (including Let My Children Go), and the executive producer of two films (including the award-winning 2011 film IndoctriNation). In this episode, Robert and Ray talk about educational freedom versus school choice and the future of education in the United States.


“I prefer to use the term ‘educational freedom’ or the ‘separation of education and state.'”

E. Ray Moore


  • Intro to E. Ray Moore [0:42]
  • Why Ray started the Exodus Mandate Project [1:29]
  • Launching the Christian Education Initiative [5:28]
  • How Public School Exit helps people choose educational freedom [7:57]
  • Educational freedom vs. school choice [10:19]
  • What the Bible says about the education of children [12:21]
  • The consequences of government-run education [13:56]
  • Why Ray is optimistic about the future of education [17:24]
  • What about state education? [20:59]
  • Issues Ray’s family has faced in choosing education [23:45]
  • A story about education with Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and Daniel [28:29]
  • The success of these organizations going forward [31:12]
  • What can everyday homeschoolers do to make sure their rights are protected? [34:41]
  • Farewell to Ray [38:11]
  • “Classical Tools Recap” [39:52]
  • “Current Events Discussion”: Modern money theory [41:24]
  • Ad: Trail Life USA [48:54]
  • “Classical Crypto”: The evolution of the web [50:20]
  • Outro [55:07]




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