Episode 22: Reclaiming Our Heritage with Andrew McIndoe

Robert and Andrew discuss the Heritage Foundation and growing up homeschooled.


Episode 22: Andrew McIndoe


Can everyday homeschool parents and students make a political difference on a national scale? In this episode, Robert sits down with Andrew McIndoe, the vice president of development for the Heritage Foundation, an organization based in Washington, DC, whose mission is to help build an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society flourish. Robert and Andrew discuss which issues (including inflation) that the Heritage Foundation proposes solutions to, what political opportunities exist for homeschool families, and how homeschooling prepares students for college, careers, and life altogether.


“We need smart, devoted, religious, conservative people to dedicate some of their talentsā€”whether that’s research or marketing or accountingā€”to come and work for conservative movement organizations who are on the front lines here everyday.”

Andrew McIndoe


  • Intro to Andrew McIndoe [0:40]
  • What is the Heritage Foundation? [2:11]
  • The Heritage Foundation membership [4:30]
  • The issues the Heritage Foundation is most concerned about [7:14]
  • How the Heritage Foundation is doing to help prevent inflation, [11:17]
  • How the West Virginia v. EPA ruling affected the Heritage Foundation [15:00]
  • How homeschool families can get involved in making a difference [18:18]
  • Advice for parents on how to teach their children about politics and religion [21:34]
  • How homeschooling prepared Andrew for his career in politics [25:09]
  • Student opportunities at the Heritage Foundation [28:03]
  • Farewell to Andrew [30:28]
  • “Classical Tools Recap” [32:03]
  • “Current Events”: Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) [33:55]
  • Ad: Trail Life USA [40:31]
  • “Classical Crypto”: Jerome Powell on CBDCs [41:53]
  • Outro [44:48]