Episode 25: Creating a Video Game with Challenge Student Elijah Whitbeck

Elijah talks about his coding journey, building his own video game and company, and suggestions for parents wanting to teach their children to code.


Episode 25: Elijah Whitbeck


Now, more than ever before, knowing how to code is an incredibly valuable skill in the job market. In this episode of Refining Rhetoric, Robert welcomes Classical ConversationsĀ® Challenge student and self-taught computer programmer Elijah Whitbeck to the show. Elijah relates his coding journey from developing his first video game to recently launching his first mobile app and starting his own company, PIRUX Games. Elijah offers valuable tips and advice for homeschool parents looking to teach their children to code and, intriguingly, discusses the similarities between Latin and code. Tune in to this first-ever episode of Refining Rhetoric with a current homeschool student as the guest!


“I’ve only come to where I am now with programming because of my passion. And the best advice I can give [to parents] is to understand your kid’s passion. Passion is what makes way for the learning.”

Elijah Whitbeck


  • Intro to Elijah Whitbeck [0:57]
  • How Elijah got interested in computer programming by creating his first video game [1:58]
  • How Classical ConversationsĀ® helped Elijah learn to code [3:11]
  • Elijah’s science fair project on cyber security and password strength [4:37]
  • Elijah’s tips for creating strong passwords [6:05]
  • Launching PIRUX Games [6:51]
  • The challenges of creating Elijah’s first app, NumberSlam [8:42]
  • Elijah’s future projects, including a geography learning app [14:03]
  • Advice for parents wanting their children to learn to code [14:56]
  • The similarities between Latin and code [17:08]
  • Robert’s experience with programming [19:36]
  • Farewell to Elijah [22:30]
  • “Classical Tools Recap” [23:58]
  • “Current Events Discussion”: TD Bank’s acquisition of First Horizon [25:57]
  • Ad: Scribblers at Home: Recipes from Lifelong Learners [30:08]
  • “Classical Crypto”: Polkadot [31:15]
  • Outro [35:38]