Episode 27: The Truth About Money, College, and the Modern Workforce with Will McCreery

Will talks about being a Classical Conversations student, the CC Plus Program and the Odyssey Program, and, of course, finance and cryptocurrency.


Episode 27: Will McCreery


Welcome to the first episode of season two! In this episode, Robert chats with Will McCreery, the host of ā€œClassical Crypto,ā€ the podcast segment on Refining Rhetoric that breaks down complex topics in the cryptocurrency space into simple terms using tools from the classical model of education. Will is also a Classical ConversationsĀ® Challenge graduate and currently an employee at Classical Conversations, Inc., where he oversees the Odyssey Program, a gap-year opportunity for high school graduates through Classical Conversations Plus. Here, Will talks about being a Classical Conversations student, the CC Plus Program and the Odyssey Program, whether college is still necessary today, and, of course, finance and cryptocurrency.


“‘The love of money is the root of all evil.’ We get caught in the grammar of that. ‘Oh, the money is bad.’ No, it’s the love. Where’s your heart. Is money your master or is Jesus your master? So, at a foundational level, I think that’s the check, is who is your master.”

Will McCreery


  • Intro to Will McCreery [0:19]
  • Will’s experience with the Classical Conversations Challenge program [0:38]
  • What are Classical Conversations Plus and the Odyssey Program? [1:53]
  • How CC Plus helps students going to college minimize their student loan debt [6:48]
  • Will’s perspective on the benefits of college [8:08]
  • Transitioning from the CC Plus Program to the Odyssey Program [10:39]
  • Costs of CC Plus and the Odyssey Program vs. traditional college courses [11:58]
  • What’s the difference between CC Plus and community college? [13:30]
  • How Will got interested in personal finance [14:48]
  • Will’s advice to parents teaching their children about money; teaching the use of money from a biblical perspective [15:50]
  • How Will became interested in cryptocurrency [17:35]
  • How Will’s experience with crypto has changed his view about money [19:01]
  • Web3 [19:40]
  • Farewell to Will [20:52]
  • “Classical Tools Recap”: A review of the classical tools of learning [21:31]
  • Outro [27:07]