Episode 54: How To Build A Life, Not Just A Living with Andrew Chambers | Excel College

Andrew discusses Excel College’s unique philosophy and approach to higher education, the family-style environment at Excel, and why companies are seeking liberal arts students.


Episode 54: Andrew Chambers


“Learn to build a life, not just a living” is the slogan of Excel College in North Carolina, a unique higher education experience that equips students with skills for the whole of life, including their careers, relationships, and faith. In this conversation, Robert speaks with Andrew Chambers, Head of Campus Life at Excel. Andrew discusses Excel’s unique philosophy and approach to higher education, emphasizing the two phases the college’s students work through—the Core and the Practicum. In addition, Andrew describes the family-style campus environment at Excel, why companies are seeking liberal arts students, how Excel students can graduate with bachelor’s degrees in just two and a half years, and much more. Afterward, in this episode’s “Current Events Discussion,” Robert uses the classical tools of learning to understand the Canadian wildfires and, in the “Classical Crypto” segment, debunks two popular myths about crypto: that it has no use cases and is untraceable.


“I’ve asked employers, ‘What are you looking for in our students?’ and they’re saying, ‘Show up on time, care, [are] able to talk to them, know their customers well, be able to receive feedback and learn.’ And I think that’s what sets a lot of your students apart and ours—is the ability to critically think so they can learn things on the job, but also the character and integrity to show up and do well and honor their employers and be great employees.”

Andrew Chambers


  • Intro to Andrew Chambers [0:55]
  • “Learn to build a life, not just a living”: the story behind Excel College’s motto [1:26]
  • What drew Andrew and his wife Charity to work at Excel [2:55]
  • What learning looks like at Excel: the Core Phase and the Practicum Phase [3:56]
  • Campus life at Excel: a holistic family environment [9:29]
  • Why companies want classical, liberal arts students [12:08]
  • How Excel makes tuition affordable through its unique education model [15:01]
  • How an Excel student can graduate with a bachelor’s degree in just two and a half years [19:38]
  • Local employers in the area pursuing Excel students [22:15]
  • How many students are at Excel? [23:43]
  • Plans to establish more Excel campuses [24:55]
  • Staying true to Excel’s roots and avoiding mission drift [26:10]
  • Seeing the fruit of Excel graduates’ lives [27:28]
  • Specialized tracts (majors) at Excel [31:35]
  • Farewell to Andrew [34:56]
  • “Current Events Discussion”: The Canadian wildfires [36:14]
  • Ad: Classical Conversations® Relationships: Exclusive Discounts for CC Members! [39:37]
  • “Classical Crypto”: Debunking two crypto myths [40:35]
  • Outro [44:20]