Episode 55: What Gen. Z Wants From Education with Dr. Charles Scott | Oral Roberts University

Charles discusses what a whole-person education looks like at ORU, what cultural challenges college students face today, and how to engage Generation Z students for Christ.


Episode 55: Charles Scott


What does it mean to offer students a ā€œwhole-person educationā€? In this third conversation in our college series this July, Robert sits down with Dr. Charles Scott, the Vice President of External Affairs at Oral Roberts University (ORU), a private Christian college located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, whose mission is ā€œto develop Holy Spirit-empowered leaders through whole-person education to impact the world.ā€ They discuss what a whole-person education looks like practically at ORU, what cultural challenges college students face today, how to prepare students for work as worship, how to engage Generation Z students for Christ, and how Christ-centered businesses can serve the community around them. After the interview, Robert addresses the lowest decline in writing and math scores in decades in the U.S. and Will explains Blackrockā€™s proposed Bitcoin ETF.


ā€œMost Generation Z are very concerned about the future. They want very much to make a difference in the world. . . . And so, as believers. . . we can show them how to spend time on what will make the most difference in work and in life and find that purpose that really comes from being Christ-centered and Christ-focused and a Christ follower.ā€

Dr. Charles Scott


  • Intro to Dr. Charles Scott [0:39]
  • What does a ā€œwhole-person educationā€ look like? [2:03]
  • How a whole-person education encourages students to seek truth [4:02]
  • Seeing the results of a whole-person education from Oral Roberts University graduatesā€”a 99.7% career outcome only six months after graduation! [5:41]
  • What cultural challenges do college students struggle with? [8:00]
  • How ORU prepares students for work as worship after graduation [9:50]
  • Practical ways Christian businesses can make a difference in their local communities [12:31]
  • How ORU seeks practical opportunities for students to live out the Christian faith [15:00]
  • Staying true to Oral Robertā€™s original vision for the school [17:25]
  • The #1 Best Value Regional College in the West, according to the U.S. News & World Report [20:40]
  • How students can apply for ORU scholarships [25:05]
  • What Generation Z wants; what makes ORU rank the fifth college in the nation for highest student engagement, according to The Wall Street Journal [27:38]
  • Charlesā€™s book, Storms Donā€™t Bother Me [30:33]
  • Farewell to Charles [32:40]
  • ā€œCurrent Events Discussionā€: U.S. reading and math scores dropped to lowest in a decade NPR article on June 21 [33:36]
  • Ad: Testing options for homeschool families [36:16]
  • ā€œClassical Cryptoā€: Blackrockā€™s Bitcoin ETF and the Bitcoin halving cycle [38:04]
  • Outro [42:17]