Episode 59: Regulating Memes, Creative Entrepreneurship, and More with Micah Burk [Challenge Series]

Micah talks about founding a social media agency, what success means as a Christian, book recommendations for entrepreneurs, and why teenagers should get involved in politics.


Episode 59: Micah Burk


Is entrepreneurship a real career? In this conversation, Robert talks with Micah Burk, a Classical Conversations¼ Challenge graduate and recent college graduate of Oklahoma Christian University, where she studied public communications and leadership development and served as student body president. Starting her first business at age eleven, Micah shares her experience finding her feet in the world of entrepreneurship—from founding a social media agency and landing a first client to viewing her business as a creative outlet and why rejecting clients is sometimes the best decision. In addition, Micah speaks to what it means to achieve success as a Christian, offers book recommendations (and general reading advice) for driven individuals, shares her thoughts on why teenagers should get involved in politics, and discusses the importance of knowing your “why” when it comes to achieving goals. Finally, Micah addresses a question on every homeschool parent’s mind for their student: did she feel prepared for college? After their conversation, Robert breaks down the Biden administration’s recent ban on incandescent light bulbs and examines the UK’s attempt to hold crypto memes up to financial guidelines.


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