Episode 66: Overhauling Workplace Culture with Troy Meachum

Troy shares how to turn a company culture around and transform the workplace into somewhere employees want to show up every day.


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Troy Meachum


Business leaders, listen up! In this episode, Robert welcomes his longtime friend and business mentor Troy Meachum to the show. Troy is the CEO of ACR Supply Co., North Carolina’s leading wholesale distributor for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration which, last year, exceeded $45 million in revenue. In their conversation, Troy shares how to turn a company culture around and transform the workplace into somewhere employees want to show up every day. Expect to learn what it was like for Troy to incorporate faith into his work culture, how to glorify God at work, how to hire employees who fit a company’s culture, how to maintain a company’s culture while scaling, how to boost employee satisfaction and engagement, and why it’s crucial for C-level leaders to communicate clearly to and care about the personal lives of their employees. Plus, discover Troy’s top five best books for business leaders.


  • [00:00] Troy Meachum’s leadership journey as CEO of ACR Supply Co.
  • [04:52] Integrating Christianity into the workplace culture for a healthier environment
  • [08:30] Managing employees impacting workplace harmony: crucial conversations and solutions
  • [10:35] Building a healthy work culture to attract top talent amidst the “Great Retirement” and “quiet quitting”
  • [14:20] Leveraging the Best Christian Workplace (BCW) survey to enhance workplace culture
  • [16:57] Proactive workplace culture improvement using BCW insights
  • [20:38] Effective workplace culture communication: the key to employee satisfaction and engagement
  • [20:51] Implementing organizational changes based on BCW survey feedback for improved benefits
  • [23:10] The power of crucial conversations in the workplace and in personal relationships
  • [26:23] Caring about employees’ marriages and family well-being
  • [31:38] Maintaining a healthy, Christian company culture while scaling to $45 million
  • [37:08] The best books for building a healthy workplace culture


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