Episode 70: Biblical Parenting Wisdom with Josh Mulvihill

Josh shares how to master the art of biblical parenting.


Josh Mulvihill


We plan for all the major goals in our livesā€”retirement, a career, a new car or home purchase. So, why donā€™t most of us create plans for raising our children, which is far more important? In this episode, Robert speaks to Dr. Josh Mulvihill, an author, speaker, and advocate for family discipleship and biblical parenting. Josh was a church pastor for twenty years and now serves on the board of Awana, as the Executive Director of Church and Family Ministry at RenewaNation, and as an author of several books on biblical parenting, the most recent of which is 50 Things Every Child Needs to Know Before Leaving Home: Raising Children to Godly Adults. In this conversation, Josh sheds light on why many Christian parents are failing to disciple their children well and what we can do as the church to turn this around. Discover how to master the art of biblical parenting from what Scripture says, Joshā€™s own childhood experiences, his efforts in raising his own children, and many, many book recommendations about taking a Christ-centered approach to parenting. Josh also shares a glimpse into his own family life, including why his family started their own farm, how each of his children is saving for college by running their own enterprise, what family worship looks like in the Mulvihill household, and much more.


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