Episode 72: Young Earth vs. Old Earth: Why Your Take Matters! with Eric Hovind

Eric talks apologetics in the digital age, young earth vs. old earth, and how evolution destroys the doctrine of salvation.


Eric Hovind


Is the earth really only a few thousand years old? In this episode, Robert speaks to Eric Hovind, founder of Creation Today, a Christian apologetics ministry with a mission to share the Gospel to the entire world. Eric relates his personal testimony and journey with apologetics, clarifies what ā€œapologeticsā€ really means, delves into his approach to apologetics in the digital age, underscores the contemporary relevancy of creation theory, and points out why the creation vs. evolution debate is a necessary spiritual battle. He also discusses the young earth and old earth theories of the age of the earth, how these theories impact oneā€™s faith, how evolution destroys the doctrine of salvation, and why young earth theory is pro-science, explaining that ā€œreal science is a believerā€™s best friend.ā€ If youā€™re a homeschool parent, expect to also learn ways to engage your children in conversations about creation vs. evolution and discover several resources to guide you in this journey.


  • [00:00] Intro
  • [01:12] Eric Hovindā€™s journey and faith transformation
  • [04:38] Apologetics in the internet age and engaging Gen Z (this generation wants the truth!)
  • [12:02] Creation vs. evolutionā€™s impact on salvation
  • [21:08] Young earth creationistsā€™ historical contributions
  • [22:30] Orionā€™s Belt stability in the night sky
  • [23:23] The Bibleā€™s scientific insights
  • [24:05] Science vs. faith: are they compatible?
  • [26:36] Geologic column and the biblical flood
  • [34:43] Apologetics as the bait and the gospel as the hook to salvation


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