Episode 73: How to Increase Your Child’s Attention Span with Andrew Kern

Andrew discusses the true meaning of classical education, how to get your child to pay attention, and why we still need the lost tools of learning in an AI-driven world.


Andrew Kern


What should your childā€™s classical education look like in the modern world? In this episode, Robert talks with Andrew Kern, founder and president of the CiRCE Institute, co-author of The Lost Tools of Writing, and one of the leading figures in the classical education movement. Here, Andrew identifies why the true purpose of classical education is to cultivate wisdom and virtue through the nourishment of studentsā€™ souls. Throughout this packed conversation, expect to learn where government-funded education in America first went wrong, why training your child to fight against distraction is crucial to their spiritual and intellectual development, how to become better at any skill such as writing, how to actually get your child to pay attention, why students still need to practice the lost tools of learning in an AI-driven world, and why the terms ā€œartificial intelligenceā€ and ā€œvirtual realityā€ are not only misleading but, in fact, donā€™t really mean anything at all.


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