Episode 74: Do Regular Moms Stand a Chance Against The Experts?


Leigh Bortins with text overlay that says "Moms versus Establishment"


Are you your childā€™s best teacher? In this episode, Robert reacts to a video of Leigh Bortins and Corey McKeown, director of the Trinity Homeschool Academy (T.E.A.C.H.) in Tampa, Florida, discussing the rise of homeschooling with Pete Hegseth on Fox and Friends. In the video, Corey explains why there has been an explosion of homeschooling in her state due to the success of homeschool co-ops where students can take classes from expert teachers. Unconvinced, Robert analyzes whether itā€™s necessary to send homeschool students to a co-op to learn from an expert instead of ā€œjust another mom.ā€ In other words, can everyday parents rely on the classical tools of learning and community support to teach their children any subject? Finishing it up, Robert reflects on the true reasons why homeschooling is seeing a surge not just in Florida but nationwide as parents wake up to the nonsense in the traditional school system. In ā€œClassical Crypto,ā€ Will catches us up on the latest news on the downfall of Sam-Bankman Fried, the collapse of FTX, and the ultimate trial results.

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