Episode 76: Can Screen Time be Good? with Brent Dusing

Brent talks about creating Christian video games whole families can enjoy.


Brent Dusing


Are video games good for your child? Some can be! In this episode of Refining Rhetoric, Robert talks with Brent Dusin, founder and CEO of TruPlay Games, a media company creating video games, comics, and video content centered on stories with a Christian worldview. With high-quality Christian content and no in-app purchases, no chatrooms, and no ads, TruPlay is truly unique in the video game industry, uplifting and educating children and their families with the truth of Godā€™s word. In this conversation, discover why fewer American children believe in God, the importance of providing Christian content in a sea of toxic content, and how TruPlay tells biblical stories through video games. Brent also shares insights into the popularity of TruPlayā€™s games in Christian homes, games that span true biblical narratives to imaginative tales of cartoon characters navigating real-world challenges and discovering faith in God. Finally, Brent and Robert explore why Disney fails to inspire whole families anymore.


  • [00:15] What is TruPlay Games?
  • [02:06] Countering toxic content with Christian values in TruPlay Games
  • [05:20] TruPlay Games: Games, videos, and comics with Christian values
  • [07:26] How TruPlay Games can offer high-quality Christian video games with no ads or in-app purchases
  • [19:46] Entertainment for children and parents, sharing Godā€™s truth
  • [21:23] Target market: Ages 5ā€“12, but enjoyable for whole families
  • [22:19] TruPlay Gamesā€™ stories: Kid-friendly, emotional depth, and Godā€™s love
  • [23:00] TruPlay Games available as a mobile app on iOS and Android
  • [23:44] How to make your childā€™s screen time positive


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