Episode 46: Parental Rights vs. Government Responsibility – Where to Draw the Line with William Estrada

Will explores what the term “parental rights” actually means and why it's important to enshrine parental rights in an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


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Episode 46: William Estrada


Parental rights: are these God-given, natural rights or state-defined? In this conversation, Robert talks with longtime friend Will Estrada, president of ParentalRights.org and the Parental Rights Foundation, two nonprofits holding fast to the belief that parents should be able to raise their children without undue government interference. Together, they explore what the term “parental rights” actually means and why it’s important to enshrine parental rights in an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Plus, Will shares his personal journey from growing up homeschooled to now defending parents’ rights to their children’s education and freedom. Post-interview, Robert addresses recent advances in AI using the classical tools of learning and then explains an educational game about crypto created by a homeschool family called HODL Up.


“We’ve won the battle for parental rights for homeschooling. We’ve won the battle for parental rights for private schooling. [The] last bastion of the fight for parental rights is in public schools, and then to a lesser degree in the child welfare space as well.”

Will Estrada


  • Intro to William Estrada [0:59]
  • Will’s definition of truth [1:44]
  • From high school debate champion to lawyer [3:46]
  • What do “parental rights” really mean? [5:48]
  • Parental rights are a natural right (family predates government) [9:31]
  • What other organizations fight for parental rights? [12:47]
  • Why should we create written laws around parental rights? [17:32]
  • The government’s responsibility should be to protect children [20:20]
  • The difference between ParentalRights.org and Parental Rights Foundation [23:54]
  • How to help pass a parental rights amendment to the U.S. Constitution [26:13]
  • Growing up homeschooled: developing a love of learning and desire to seek truth [28:07]
  • Homeschooling two decades ago vs. today [29:16]
  • Increasing interest in parental rights post-pandemic [31:39]
  • Are we handing over our parental rights if we enroll our children in public schools? [34:39]
  • Farewell to Will [37:06]
  • “Current Events Discussion”: AI [38:40]
  • Ad: STOA Speech and Debate [42:21]
  • “Classical Crypto”: HODL Up Game [43:23]
  • Outro [47:17]



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