Episode 77: Defining Truth with Robert Bortins

In this last episode of 2023, Robert reacts to the best responses from his guests to the question, “What is truth?”


Robert Bortins


What is truth? Our world is overrun with subjective truth, postmodernism, and emotionalism, where everyone’s “truth” is equally valid and there’s no such thing as objective truth. But this is a lie. As Refining Rhetoric is all about seeking the capital-T Truth in every arena of life, throughout the course of 2023 Robert asked his guests to weigh in with their definitions of truth. In this wrap-up episode for the year, Robert replays and reacts to the best responses from his guests to the question, “What is truth?” As you hear from guests like Dale Partridge, David Goodwin, Joyce Burges, Israel Wayne, and more, you’ll discover that truth is a person, why you can’t build a society on lies, that the church is the pillar of truth, why you can’t believe in your own subjective truth and still believe in Jesus, why you shouldn’t send your children to schools that don’t believe in objective truth, why truth is anything that fits into God’s narrative, why real truth never changes, why our relationship with Christ ought to motivate our obedience to Him, off of what standard we should base our understanding of truth, and much more. Finally, in “Classical Crypto,” Will discusses the current market sentiment and why there is reason to be optimistic about crypto in 2024.


  • [1:04] Patti Garibay
  • [3:35] Jennifer Courtney
  • [6:00] Dale Partridge
  • [8:55] Dr. Jennifer Murff
  • [11:10] David Goodwin
  • [13:56] Nathan Burns
  • [16:58] Joyce Burges
  • [18:56] Israel Wayne
  • [21:40] Amanda Butler
  • [26:08] “Classical Crypto”: Is Crypto on the Rise for Good?


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